The Swiss enterprise ecomanda AG, domiciled in Zug, has been established with the aim of developing and implementing new technologies towards a sustained improvement in our living environment.

ecomanda AG seeks to launch new high-margin, high-tech products worldwide, as a basis for long-term success and growth.

Our lean internal corporate structure and operational management promotes a flexible, pro-active and market-orientated approach, which in turn ensures maximum focus on our tasks and guarantees our autonomy.


Our capability is based on own know-how from years of research and development as well as close co-operation with partners from research and industry.

X-Fuel Energizer will be presented in the following pages.
It is a fuel additive with unique features and is constantly under improvement in our laboratories, to reduce harmful emissions even further and to suit it to different types and grades of fuel.

Utilising X-Fuel Energizer contributes to lower environmental taxes both for our customers and the consumer.