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Independent Sales Agent


ecomanda AG is looking to expand its client base worldwide. 


We are based in Switzerland and are currently focused on serving the mining, cement, road transport, shipping, power generation and railway sectors on petroleum-based applications such as engines and flame generators as well oil trading & bunker companies. We are focussed on mid- to large size companies.



We are currently creating campaigns, press and marketing activities within above mention sectors worldwide and have already a successful track record confirmed by numerous independent organizations showing fuels savings of 8-17%, a 8-17% fall in CO2 emissions, a 43-73% fall in CO emissions, a 36-65% reduction in hydrocarbon emissions and a 10-20% decrease in NOx. It has been verified by that X-Fuel Energizer leads to fewer unburned hydrocarbons, reduced particle emissions from diesel engines, better performance at start up and in cold weather, greater dynamic power and longer engine life-times



We are looking for highly motivated agent with a good experience, influence and network with decision makers within one (and more) of the above sectors mentioned. Language skills: English (spoken and written).  



  • Introduction of the company and the products to key decision makers on customer side;
  • Secure the engagements with key decsision makers till an order is placed / a supply contract is secured;
  • Negotiation of agreements;
  • Execution of price strategy and price policy;
  • Collect purchase orders;
  • Collect down payments before the delivery of products;
  • Support on logistics manners;
  • After sales support and other relevant sales related activities;
  • Mandatory basic technical know-how concerning the products and the aplication of the products is required;
  • Support on discussion, preparation and execution of testing procedures;
  • Support on technical discussions on customers side.



For every customer generated:

  • 5% commission over the 1st year gross revenue; 2% commission over the 2nd and 3rd year gross revenue;

Example: For a 500 Liters of X-Fuel Energizer for Diesel Fuel (needed for 5.000.000 liters of Diesel), sold to a customer during the first year, you will get a 5% commission meaning EUR 6.250,-.



For total annual revenue (all customers) generated:

  • EUR 1M ~ 2,999M => Extra 1%;
  • EUR 3M ~ 5,999M => Extra 1%;
  • Above EUR 6M => TBD;




You will get the relevant sales, marketing and technical support from our team to get up-to-speed.




Please submit your motivation letter and CV to