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About us

The Swiss enterprise ecomanda AG, domiciled in Hünenberg, has been established with the aim of developing and implementing new technologies towards a sustained improvement in our living environment. 

Ecomanda AG seeks to launch new high-margin, high-tech products worldwide, as a basis for long-term success and growth.

Our lean internal corporate structure and operational management promotes a flexible, pro-active and market-oriented approach, which in turn ensures maximum focus on our tasks and guarantees our autonomy. 

Ecomanda has developed a fuel additive which offers sustained improvements in the combustion process:

An innovative, environmentally-friendly and pro-ecological product, trendsetting technology of the highest order and energy-efficient solutions for a variety of markets and customer requirements - worldwide.


Current job opportunities at ecomanda:


Wolfgang Foerg
Wolfgang Foerg
Innovator and CEO
Olaf Meyer
Olaf Meyer
Thomas Rühle
Thomas Rühle
Board Member
Organisation Chart Hardenberg Finanz

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