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X-Fuel Energizer

It is available for various types of fuel:

  • Gasoline
  • Ethanol
  • Jet Fuel
  • Diesel
  • Marine Diesel Oil and Marine Gas Oil
  • Heavy Fuel Oil, Light Fuel Oil, Mazut

X-Fuel Energizer is standard available as follow:

  • 1 liter
  • 10 liters
  • 60 liters
  • 200 liters
  • 1.000 liters


* Customs tariff number: 3811.9090 / UN 1993. 

* Inflammable liquid, 3 II D/E,3 / Mineral Oil Content 0%.

* Can be shipped also by air freight.


Extends the life-time of engines

The combustion with X-Fuel Energizer happens at lower temperatures reducing in this way the formation of carbon particles into the engines. Consequently maintainance costs will reduce significantly.


Fits variety of Fuels

X-Fuel Energizer can be used on Gasoline, Jet-Fuel, Ethanol, Diesel, Bio-Diesel, Marine Diesel Oil, Marine Gas Oil, Heavy Fuel Oil, Light Fuel Oil and Mazut.

Effects & Benefits Emission Reductions

Optimised combustion results in a substantial reduction of pollutant emissions and considerable fuel saving. Main benefits observed from official laboratory tests as well as vehicle tests in real-life driving situations:

  • Improved combustion significantly reduces carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides.
  • Improved combustion means less unburned hydrocarbons.
  • Reduced particle emissions in diesel exhaust.

Further positive effects have been proven in official laboratory tests and are especially noticeable in real-life driving situations:

  • Better starting behaviour during the cold weather / warm-up phase.
  • Engines run more smoothly.
  • Engines have more power and greater dynamic range whilst accelerating.


Lower Fuel Consumption

X-Fuel Energizer not only reduces harmful emissions, but also substantially lowers petrol and diesel consumption. As a result, these savings far outweigh additional costs for the additive (even at extremely low spot oil price levels).


Global Impact

Utilisation of X-Fuel Energizer on a large scale will help to meet emission reduction targets and consequently, to reduce smog in urban areas. In particular, company policies regarding air pollution reduction (e.g. in the shipping industry) can be realised with the additive.

Unique Technology


The additive directly affects air-flow into the cylinders. Water vapour is completely broken down into hydrogen and oxygen. Both components recombine to water vapour upon ignition of the fuel-air mixture. Thus, a further energy source is created, which optimises combustion and ultimately leads to fuel-savings.


Tests have proven X-Fuel Energizer to be safe to use. After the addition of X-Fuel Energizer, commercial fuels continue to comply with EU standard regulations for diesel (EN 590),  petrol (EN 228),  heavy fuel oil (RMG 380 2012) and marine diesel (DMA 2012). Consequently, it meets the EU standard regulations and is not harmful to engines. On the contrary, X-Fuel Energizer reduces combustion residue, thus prolonging engine life. In addition, X-Fuel Energizer alters neither temperature nor pressure inside the engine.


X-Fuel - How it acts


X-Fuel Dosing Unit

For Heavy/Light Fuel Oil/Mazut applications there are dosing units available to add X-Fuel Energizer to the fuel automatically at the required ratio. They can also be used for other liquid fuels.

Basic functionalities:

  • Continuous additive dosing into fuel flow line, based on ratio control
  • Reading of Fuel flow, additive flow, density, temperature, etc.
  • Graphs for flows, pressure, density, temperature and more
  • Adjustable and easy handling
X-Fuel Dosing Unit X-Fuel Dosing Unit
X-Fuel Dosing Unit
X-Fuel Dosing Unit